Q: Why do you shoot weddings?

A: I shoot weddings because I believe in love. I encourage you to read my about me page to find out more.

Q: What’s your wedding photography style?
A: My style is bright and vibrant. I consider myself a photojournalist. I love it when I capture a moment that you don’t know, and it can mean so much to you.

Q: Do you photograph gay weddings?
A: Since I'm in Provincetown, most of my weddings are gay (same-sex wedding).  However, I love all kinds of weddings so I also do straight weddings as well.  For me it’s about two people in love.

Q: Do you use film or digital cameras for weddings?
A: I use Nikon digital cameras and mostly prime lenses for weddings and portrait work.  I use two cameras and have backup gear in case of any problems.

Q: What is the investment I should expect to make?
A: Most StudioGregg Photography couples spend in the ballpark of $3500. Please read more here.

Q: What is required to book the date?
A: A 50% non-refundable retainer fee and your signature on the contract.

Q: How far in advance should I book you?
A: My clients generally book me 6 to 12 months in advance to book a weekend day.  Since I'm a destination wedding location, many couples get married during the week.  Often clients book me 1 or 2 weeks in advance.  However the earlier the better.

Q: Do you offer a second photographer?
A: I always try to have a second photographer for weddings longer than 6 hours.

Q: Is an engagement session required?
A: Engagement sessions are not mandatory but strongly encouraged. Who wouldn’t want to get away from the busy wedding planning and do a relaxed, fun photo shoot with me?! However, if you choose to opt out of your engagement session, there is no cost benefit of doing so.

Q: Should I do a first look?
A: Most of my couples do first looks on their wedding days (read about why doing a first look is a good idea). The bottom line is, there’s no right or wrong with this.

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Q: How many photos will I get for my wedding day?
A: You’ll get about 60 photos per hour, which averages to 1 per minute. These are all edited.

Q: How many of these will be in black & white?
A: About 15% of total number of images. I convert them to B&W only if I feel that it enhances the image.

Q: How long will I see the proofs?
A: Post processing typically takes 15-30 days. Proofs will be uploaded onto a password-protected gallery for you and your family to view, prints and other products can be purchased there as well.