Hello, I’m Gregg Peterson, and I feel very fortunate to live in Provincetown (Cape Cod) full-time since 2009 with my partner of 23 years.

I specialize in modern, non-traditional, gay or same-sex wedding photography, couples photography, and family photography on Cape Cod and Provincetown.

I’m fortunate to be sought after to photograph gay & lesbian couples and families. Capturing memorable moments for your family is my inspiration.

Photography is so much more than a job to me. It is a privilege & honor every time my camera and I are welcomed into your life.

Whether you are a local or here for a destination wedding or on vacation and want to capture some fantastic photos with your partner or family, I realize how vital these unique and intimate moments are. So for me, it would be an honor to document and capture these joyful times for you.

I genuinely feel lucky to make a career out of one of my greatest passions. Capturing your memories that will be family heirlooms for generations to come excites me.

My approach to photographing your wedding is artistic yet fun and classic. My goal is to capture your day for future reflection. I capture many candid shots of your family and friends. I try to capture intimate moments without you even knowing I’m there.

I also think it’s essential to photograph some group photos of you with your family members and important guests.

Each day I am more aware that my life has led me to this very purposeful career, and I am enjoying every moment of it. I received my first camera when I was 12, a Nikon. At 16, my brother and I built our first color darkroom. What an adventure that was. At 21, I received a degree in film & TV production.

I worked on documentaries, commercials, and corporate projects for over ten years. I co-produced an award-winning documentary, “Out Loud,” which aired on PBS throughout the country.

My artistic abilities go beyond photography. I was a professional ice skater competing in couples ice dancing, and in 1992 I traveled throughout the US performing with Disney on Ice for a year.